Play Report: Twilight Imperium - 24th May 2015

Personal Log of Admiral Waaz, Commander of the Yssaril Military

I’ve just landed ground troops in the capital. It’s a bold move and I’m worried that I’ve made my play for the capital system of Mecatol Rex too early. My twin Dreadnought class ships were two systems away from the capital; too far away to support the invasion force. Maybe I’m a fool for revealing my intentions this early? But the opportunity was there! I had to take it! The Sardakk N’orr had Dreadnoughts two systems away from the capital as well and intelligence from our spies revealed that their admiral had ordered his ships to fly at flank speed, allowing them to reach the system before I could cope with them. Thankfully, the Yssaril Tribes are a wily race and sabotaged the enemy Dreadnoughts, buying us enough time to move our friendly Dreadnoughts into position to defend the capital system. The Sardakk N’orr moved into the Mecatol Rex system without their Dreadnoughts but their fleet damn near destroyed my forces regardless. Had it not been for the courageous efforts of the Yssaril engineers carrying out emergency repairs during the battle I shudder to think of the casualties we could have incurred. We’ve kept the system this time; I just hope we can hold it until the mission is finished.

Time passes…

We’ve made significant technology advances but I’ve still not yet completed my objective. In the intervening time the Sardakk N’orr have readied a huge invasion fleet and both the Universities of Jol-Nar and the diplomatic Xxcha Kingdom have increased their presence in the systems adjacent to Mecatol Rex. The Mentak Coalition, a race of deceitful pirates, have cut off the supply lines to Mecatol Rex, a situation made worse by Mecatol Rex recently being declared a holy planet on which industry is prohibited. My troops stationed there are dug in deep, but reinforcing the system is no longer an option. Outraged by my treatment of the Sardakk N’orr, the Emirates of Hacan launched a successful assault on a system containing two economically important Yssaril controlled planets. They are currently blockading the space dock in that system, preventing the production of new Yssaril ships. What is worse, of course, is that the Hacan now have a fleet of Dreadnoughts and Cruisers in flight range of the planet on which I was born and raised. I’m having to decide whether to commit resources to complete my objective or to protect the plant on which my family live; it’s a decision I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. I just need to maintain control of Mecatol Rex for a little longer, but all of these enemy fleets are making me nervous.

A new emperor is soon to take the imperial throne…

We did it! We bloody well did it! Our scientists finally finished the work they needed to do on Mecatol Rex; whatever we need that research for, it better be worth it. It couldn’t have happened sooner enough; the Sardakk N’orr armada was so close to Mecatol Rex that from the capital all you could see in the sky was menacing metal. Our fleet left the system just in time and were able to make it back into friendlier systems to reclaim terretories lost to the Hacan and defend our race’s ancestral home planets. With my primary objective completed, I was tasked with maintaining the Yssaril borders while final efforts to claim the imperial thone were enacted. We were too late. The piratical Mentak Coalition made a ruthless push to claim the home planets of the Xxcha Kingdom, winning them enough influence to take the throne. I can’t hide my disappointment about the lack of a Yssaril emperor, but I’m sure the Mentak will be suitable leaders. My only wish is for peace to be restored to this troubled galaxy.